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Custom Shop Rosewood Semi Hollow

Black Volt Guitars, like our amplifiers, are all made from mostly reclaimed wood dating from the last hundred years honoring the tones found in our favorite guitars from the Golden Age of guitar production, the 1940's to the 1960's.

One of the many benefits of old wood is that it has had time to dry and cure naturally resulting in a more settled and mature tone.

Another benefit is that the wood will not move as the guitar begins it's new life

It is straight and true and ready for many years of dependable service

Roasted Maple neck

Reclaimed Rosewood top

Reclaimed Solid 1 piece Pine Body

Custom In house hand wound wound pickups that are faithful recreations of early 1950's Fender Telecaster pickups

Vintage style low output. Very punchy and round clean tones

Great growl when they are pushed

All aged hardware

Price: $3499.