Black Volt Amplification Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty 

Our Ethos: All products made by Black Volt Amplification are a representation of us. We want all of our products and instruments to sound amazing as long as Black Volt Amplification exists! Therefore, we proudly offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty. 


  • Lifetime labor coverage for the original owner is defined by the direct purchase from Black Volt Amplification or an authorized dealer (new). Black Volt Amplification will remedy any faults or defects at no cost to the owner.
  • Owner is responsible for shipping costs related to repair.
  • Cost of all parts is covered by Black Volt Amplification for one (1) year after purchase. Parts include speaker cabinets, speakers, tubes, transformers, pick-ups, and general components.
  • The cost of parts after one (1) year will be assessed  on a case by case basis.
  • Indirect Owners: If amp or guitar was not purchased directly from Black Volt Amplification or one of its authorized dealers, Black Volt Amplification has the right to assess each unit on a case by case basis and will do its best to help the owner directly or indirectly remedy the problem, however, Black Volt Amplification is not financially responsible for repairing the unit.
  • Effects Units: All Black Volt Amplification effects (FX) are covered under full warranty for one (1) year from the original purchase date. Unit will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the owner. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. Alternatively, we will allow repairs from a qualified technician and will reimburse for the repair costs with proof of repair and communication with said qualified technician.


Exceptions Include:

  • Modifications on any amp, guitar, or effect will void the warranty.
  • Any damage due to user error will void the warranty.
  • Black Volt Amplification is not responsible for damage caused in shipping unless it was shipped by Black Volt Amplification. We encourage the purchase of shipping insurance. 


Foreign Repairs (Non-US): for a period of three (3) years after purchase, Black Volt Amplification will reimburse any repairs from an authorized repair center with proof of invoice. Damage due to user errors or modifications will not be covered.


No need to register your products- if it’s a Black Volt product  and you own it, it’s covered! 

For any questions regarding our warranty, please reach out at: