The Black Volt Family...

Here at Black Volt we consider everyone of our clients part of our ever growing family that is passionate about great tone, unique sounds and creating music.

For some artist we repair, restore and modify their gear, others are playing our amplifiers, pedals or using our custom products.

It's about being inspired by your gear and your tone, and inspiring others through music.

It really comes down to inspiration.

"Out of my 23 years of playing guitar I've never encountered a sound/tone like I did when playing a Black Volt Amp. These amps sounds phenomenal"

Jabari Johnson

Joe Perry ( Aerosmith, The Hollywood Vampires)

Johhny Depp

Jason Faulkner (Beck)

Justin Meldal Johnsen (Beck, NIN)

Eric Bailey (Beck)

The Kills


Bruce Witkin (Hollywood Vampires)

Ricky Beck Mahler (Circus of Power, The Chudd King)

Dave Kalish (Red Star Studios, Social Distortion, Jackson Brown)

Daniel Lanois (Musician, Producer, Bob Dylan, U2, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, etc.)

Rocco Delucca

Joey Altruda (Jump With Joey, Composer, etc.)

Eddy Resto

Oscar Hernandez (Paul Simon, Spanish Harlem Orchestra,

Mongo SantaMaria, Earl Klugh, Ray Baretto, etc.)

Pavel  -Luthier- (David Gilmore, Daniel Lanios, Edward Sharpe, etc.)


At The Drive In

Fleet Foxes

Lord Huron

Biffy Clyro

Rich Costey - Producer (Foo Fighters, Muse, Biffy Clyro, Roger Waters, At The Drive In)

John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls)

Danger Mouse

Drew Berlin - The Burst Brothers (Carlos Santana, Clapton, etc)

Chris Traynor (Bush, Gavin Rossdale, Helmut, Rival Schools)

Joshua Ray Gooch

Dylan Day

Chris Pierce

Michael Colton

Tawny Ellis

Bruce Witkin (Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp)

Jason Faulkner


Imperial Vintage Guitars

Caveman Vintage Music

Old Style Guitar Shop

Ventura Music

The Fretted Frog Guitar Shop  

We also proudly work with lots of local and touring musicians every day that are not listed here, but are part of the fabric that makes up our music community & Black Volt Amplification.