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The Whitey Amplifier is designed for those who know where we've come from and embrace the limitless future of tone.

8 decades of rich amplifier history inform every aspect of this legendary amp.

New Additions:

3rd preamp tube added.

Full dual triode tube now dedicated to the split tail phase inversion.

Dual triode phase inversion allows bigger, louder, bolder clean tones.

Think 5E3 1/2 triode phase inversion (old MKI & II Versions) compared to Tweed Bassman phase inversion (MKIII)

Negative feedback loop.

Negative feedback loop controlled presence for tailoring in high frequencies and adding hi end crunch.

More gain available at lower volumes making it more useable at home and in lower volume situations


A mix of super cleans and high gains in an easy to control 4 knob layout.

Imagine a Tweed Bassman / Marshall Plexi mashup style circuit that takes the best of both legendary amps and distills them into a single-channel, single-input 1x12” 30 Watt powerhouse.

- 30 Watts of Output

- Tone, Volume, Gain and Presence / Hi Frequency Controls

-2 - 6V6 or 6L6 Power Tubes. No Re Biasing Necessary

-3 - 12AX7 Pre Amp Tubes (12AY7 optional in VI Preamp to get closer to tweed preamp gain staging)

- Vintage Solid Pine Cabinetry with Oak Hardwood Splined Miter Joints for Strength & Solid Wood Corner to Corner

- 12" Celestion Cream Back

- Vintage Marshall Style Salt & Pepper Style Basket Weave Grill Cloth

-Entire Amp Constructed Completely By Hand and Hand Wired in Los Angeles CA

All amps are custom built in our Los Angeles workshop. Please allow a 3-4 month build time.

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