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- Standard Amp $3600.

-Entire Amp Constructed Completely By Hand and Hand Wired in Los Angeles CA 

-2 6V6 or 6L6 Power Tubes. No Re Biasing Required / Swap and Play

- 2 Dual Triode Pre Amp Tubes (12AX7 - 12AT7- 12AY7)

- 25-30 Watts of Class A Output Power Into 1 - 12" Speaker

- Comes Stock with Jensen 75 Watt Ceramic Magnet Speaker

- Vintage Solid Pine Cabinetry with Hardwood Splined Miter Joints for Strength & Solid Wood Corner to Corner

-Mid/Hi Gain Boost Switch for Added Crunch and Top End (Not the XXX Gain Channel)

- Volume, Tone and Bright / Boost Switch

- 8 - 16  ohm 1/4" Speaker Output

- Standard Grill Cloth Pictured 

- No Changes or Variations Offered on This Standard Model