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The Earthcaster is a bare bones telecaster style guitar set on saving the world one guitar at a time. 

This unique guitar keeps one eye on sustainability and the other on the time honored history of luthiery.  

Built with salvaged and reclaimed wood.

1 piece pine slab body (wood species may vary occasionally due to availability of wood)

Solid Maple Neck, normally quarter sawn honoring the 1950's style Fender guitars (wood species may vary occasionally due to availability of wood. Also using Oak, Hickory Rosewood and Mahogany)

Pickups: We love pickups and love experimenting with the options available to us. There are so many exceptional pickup makers out there today that we can't decide on just one. The type of pickups greatly influence the overall sound of the finished guitar.

Here are a few of our normal pickup choices:

We wind our own in house pickups


T.V. Jones

Seymour Duncan or anything vintage we have in stock. 

All finishes are water based, non toxic or food grade.

No Spraying. We hand rub, or brush on all of these finishes the old fashioned way which means that we are not emitting toxic pollutants into our environment. 

2 pickup configuration.

1955-56 Soft V Neck Profile  

Inlay. This guitar comes with a Sterling Silver Bezel encasing a classic hardwood lightning bolt logo. (wood bolt may be made from Rosewood, Ebony or other classic hardwoods)


Normally high quality USA made pots and switches. We use a variety of new and NOS vintage caps such as Black Beauties, Sprague Bumble Bees, Oil in Paper, Foil, Ceramic,  etc.  

All custom options are available for an additional charge.

Earthcaster Guitar pictured above has been customized with 1- Cream P90 Neck and 1- Firebird Mini Humbucker (aged nickel) Bridge Pickup and Cut bridge, Both Seymour Duncan. Custom aged mint green 1/2 pick gaurd.

Bare Bones, Rock Solid, Endless Sustain, Vibe For Days, The Mojo Meter is Pegged!

 Current build time is approximately 2-3 months.

Check with us to see if we have anything in stock.