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An original overdrive circuit that gives you a super wide range of:

Clean volume FET boost,


Right up into FUZZ tones.

Find unity gain with your amp and FDR volume knob, then turn the Gain knob all the way down, Tone knob at about 3 o'clock and you will get classic TREBLE BOOSTER tones.

Start pushing the Gain knob up and feel the HARMONIC content begin to sing.

Keep pushing the gain knob up and head right into the glorious FUZZ ZONE.

Talk about range, this pedal has it.

You can also easily work the LARGE KNOBS with your feet for organic tone shifting on the fly.

And as it is with all great interactive OD pedals, the FDR will CLEAN UP beautifully when you roll back your guitars volume knob.

Like all Black Volt gear, each and every pedal is built completely by hand and hand wired the old fashioned way. NO PCB’s Here. Built on custom turret boards with the highest quality components.

The FDR pedal will allow the user to explore an endless variety of Boosted,  Distortion and Fuzz Tones.

Never hit crosstown traffic when you're Driving the FDR!!!