$ 2,650.00

Same great amp as the standard hawk but with a bias modulated tube driven tremolo for those authentic lush tremolo sounds.

A groundbreaking new amp offering limitless tonal variation due to its’ versatile power section.

Use any octal base power tube including 1 6V6 - 1 6L6 - 1 EL34 - 1 KT66 - KT77 - KT88 (or EL84 with Adapter)

15 Watts of output power (power varies depending on tube specifications)

Down to 3 Watts of power

Swap all of the classic power tubes with no re- biasing required to shape your desired tone.

Built In "True Attenuator" accessible with the 1/2 Power Switch

Solid Pine wood cabinet.

10” Ceramic or AlNiCo Magnet Speaker

Foot switch included to operate trem.

Completely hand wired, point to point circuitry.

Choose either a standard or vintage grill cloth

All amps are custom built in our Los Angeles workshop. Please allow a 3-4 month build time.

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